To All Women Using Coffee Meets Bagel, Beware of This Man!

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

This is a complaint regarding some Coffee Meets Bagel users. Beware, especially women!

I am legally single and using the CMB app. It’s fine for me to be using legitimate dating apps to know friends and potential partners. But apparently and of late, and with the extended Circuit Breaker measures still in place, MARRIED SINGAPOREAN MEN WITH FAMILIES (like the one below) have been using CMB to search for one night stands/Casual Sex/Hookups/Flings.

It’s disgusting that married Singaporean men are doing this and I strongly feel that their wives ought to know what their philanderous husbands are doing out there, spoiling families, trust and relationships.

To single women using CMB, beware of these predators who just want to satisfy their lust and are not genuine about having long-term relationships. These men are disgusting and you definitely deserve better than this!


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