Blogger Leong Sze Hian Made To Pay Another $129K For PM Lee’s Legal Costs

PM Lee is seeking another S$129,327 in legal costs and disbursements from blogger Leong Sze Hian after winning the libel suit.

To recap, Leong was sued for sharing on his Facebook an article falsely linking PM Lee to the 1MDB corruption scandal in Malaysia. Following the defamation suit, the high court ordered Leong to pay PM Lee $133K. The full sum was previously raised after 11 days of crowd funding in what Leong calls a “Miracle on Easter Sunday”.

The prime minister is now seeking S$50,000 in legal costs and S$79,322.22 in disbursements which comes up to S$129,327. Netters are questioning how they came up with this sum, and if PM Lee’s lawyers are overcharging. Some comments can be seen here:

The media also reports that Leong has until 22 Apr to respond to the claims made by PM Lee. Will Singaporeans stand together once again to help Leong Sze Hian with this crowdfunding?

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