Gilbert Goh Distributes Ramadan Angpow To Underprivileged Muslim Families

Former GE candidate and now socio-political activist and goodwill volunteer Gilbert Goh was out and about in the western part of Singapore this Ramadan. He has been distributing charity “angpow” to underprivileged Muslim families.

On 2 Apr 2021, Goh announced that he will be distributing $100 angpows to those “having difficulty breaking fast during Ramadan – subject to a simple verification check.” He has reportedly distributed 10 angpows so far. He shares that many of these families struggle with a low income, some of whom have “lost their jobs since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and they struggle to make ends meet let alone have the chance to prepare for Ramadan adequately.”

Those who are interested in contributing to his cause can contact him directly.

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