Old Man With China Accent Caught With Young Mistress, Scold SG Drivers for Being Beggars

On 10 April, 28 year old Grab driver “Teckwee Ng” wrote a post sharing about a traumatizing experience he had with an unreasonable man [nicknamed “老牛 (Old Cow)”] and his mistress [nicknamed “小姗 (Xiao Shan)”].

On 28 March (Saturday) at 12.19am, he picked Xiao Shan up from Park Royal Collection Marina Bay and drove her to 485 Dunman Rd, as per what was stated on the Grab app. It was a cash order. Upon reaching her destination, Xiao Shan called Old Cow and asked him where he was. When he came down, Teckwee assumed that it was a “typical case of someone else coming to pay the fare on behalf”.

However, Old Cow decided to get onto the car and told Teckwee to continue driving straight. This is despite Teckwee informing him that he would need to make another booking if they choose to go to another destination as he had already accepted another Grab passenger.

When Teckwee asked the duo for the fare ($17.30), the Old Cow pulls out a stack of $50/$100. Allegedly trying to show that he is rich. When Teckwee took a $50 note and proceeded to get his change, Old Cow “rejected the change and went full on berserk mode”, repeatedly screaming from the back passenger seat: “去你妈的壁” (a Chinese slang for: f**k your mother’s c**t).

Old cow then adds:

“叫你直走你就直走,还给我讲那么多 (When I tell you to go straight it means go straight, why are you arguing so much?)”我不要在我家前面下车,万一给我四个儿子看到我这个时间跟一个女生在一起对女生不好 (I don’t want to get off in front of my house, what if four of my sons sees me with a girl at this hour, it isn’t good for the girl)”.

He also makes a few other insults and threats to Teckwee.

“你们这些做司机的都是乞丐,你们都是畜生 (All of you whose profession are drivers/chauffeurs are beggars. All of you are animals/bastards)”.

“顾客就是王, 我们说的算 (Customers are king, you have to listen to whatever we command).”

“你是哪一家公司的?要不要我给你公司破产? (Which company are you from? Do you want me to make your company go bankrupt?)”

“不要。我今天就是要找你麻烦。我们去警察局,我的儿子是做长官的,我要让他们扣留你。(No. I want to find trouble with you. Let’s go to the police station. My son is an Inspector, I want to let the police detain you).”

Old Cow also threatens Xiao Shan, saying that he will break her arm if she took the change from Teckwee, and that he will break her legs if she leaves the car. Old Cow then brought up the nationality card, asking if Teckwee thought he was from China (this is despite Teckwee not having brought this up). Teckwee then calmly replied “我又没有说你不是新加坡人,中国人又怎样?我奶奶也是中国来的。(I didn’t even mention anything about you not being a Singaporean, and what’s wrong with people from China? My Grandmother came from China as well.)” This was when Old Cow randomly decides to get off the car.

Teckwee felt that by that time he wasn’t able to drive safely, and he decides to call his next passenger ($37 fare) to inform him that he wouldn’t be able to pick him up due to this dispute. Thankfully, “he told me not to worry about it and cancelled it from his side to save me my cancellation rate”.

Kudos for Teckwee for remaining calm through this whole ordeal, and for being a safe driver! You can see his full post here.

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