Elderly With 1.5 Yrs to Live Asked his MP for Help, Only Given $200

Dear Editorial Team,

During a recent SDP house visit to Marsiling Drive under Zaqy Mohamed’s ward, they uncovered a terminally ill elderly malay gentleman who has barely about a year and half more to live.

Mr Rossi has depleted his life savings and out of pocket medical expenses is his major cause of concern as CPF board does not allow any further withdrawal beyond the permitted limit. His wife is long-term bedridden and only son has lost his job during the Covid-19 period.

He approached the MP for help but was only rendered $200 and told to wait for red tapped approvals on other necessities such as a motorised scooter, health care bed etc.

The SDP teams, Marsiling-Yew Tee and Holland-Bukit Timah immediately sprung into action by placing large orders from Mr Rosdi’s daughter in a bid to help alleviate her parent’s sufferings and assembled a short term package in the meantime.

I hope fellow Singaporeans can assist the family by purchasing hari raya cookies from his daughter and orders can be placed via WhatsApp: 8313 9685 or email: [email protected] with this format: 1. Buyer’s Name 2. Contact Number 3. Address 4. Number of bottles wanted.

Your kind purchase will not only help them go a long way by lighting up their hari raya but also remembered in the world to come (Olam Ha-Ba). Thank you!

Daniel De Costa

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