Roy Ngerng Still Exiled Because of LHL. We Must Support Him Now!

Dear Editorial Team,

I am penning this in support of Roy Ngerng, who is in exile overseas so he can work and pay off a debt he owes to our already over bloated PM through constant victories in a series of defamation suits.

Roy is well educated and holds a fairly decent well-paying job, that is, until, he decided to embark on a path less trodden of a Human Rights activist and lost everything in the process. He is currently working on an exchange rate of S$1 – TWD$22, so you can reckon how hard he has to work and how little he has left after each monthly repayments to the highest paid government official on the planet.

Worse of all, he and Ms Han Hui Hui had a “Judas Iscariot” in their midst (whom they thought was a friend) who turned star prosecution witness against them. They have since been maligned, ridiculed, smeared, mud-slung and despised among fellow Singaporeans.

In the event we are quick to cast doubts on their aspirations, remember that these are men and women who stood in the gap for us, took “beatings” to their reputations and made an otherwise autocratic government more responsive to the people’s needs. They did it at their own expense when so many are still afraid of speaking their minds.

We have done our part and all we can to advance Justice and Equality in an uneven society with a lop-sided Parliament and we can only hope that you have our backs. Majulah Singapura our beloved home!

Dan De Costa

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