Roy Ngerng Revives His Crowdfunding Effort For His Defamation Suit

On 17 December 2015, blogger Roy Ngerng was found guilty for a blogpost that had allegedly defamed the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, and he was ordered by the Supreme Court to pay the PM S$150,000 in damages.

Following the success of Leong Sze Hian in raising S$133,000 to pay for his own defamation suit, Roy Ngerng decided to revive his fundraising efforts to help him in paying his outstanding amount. See his post made on 7 April 2021 below.


Separately, Daniel De Costa is also facing a defamation charge and he will be on trial from 26-30 April 2021. He is defended by veteran lawyer M Ravi who took up the case pro bono. M Ravi also made a post on 7 April 2021 asking for support for Daniel De Costa, who also recently lost his grandmother who he is very close to.

Another Facebook user also shared M Ravi’s post, and included Daniel De Costa’s bank details for those who would like to support him in this fight.


Singaporeans must stand together. The power lies with us. Not those who claim to rule over us.

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