FoodPanda Rider Gets Scammed By Customer Who Makes Cash Order But Doesn’t Pay

A FoodPanda rider recently faced an issue with a cash order. According to Amirah Wira on Facebook, her fiancé was using the new FoodPanda rider app, and he received a $15 order that was to be made contactless. Because the app did not indicate that the $15 order was a cash order, the rider followed instructions and left the food at the house, only to realize that $15 was deducted from his own wallet thereafter.

When he found out, he made his way back to the customer’s place to try to get his payment. However, the customer allegedly did not answer their door for over 20 minutes, although they have already taken their food.

He decided to contact FoodPanda for support. However, he was “pushed around between different departments,” without any resolution. He also did not get his $15 back. According to a screenshot provided by Wira, FoodPanda merely informs that they are unable to assist her fiancé because the order is a “live order.”

The customer appears to be at fault for intentionally making such an order so that they would not have to pay. Even so, how can FoodPanda not help their own riders?!

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