Woman Heard Screaming for Help, Sounded Like She Was Beaten Up

This happened in my neighbourhood, Bedok North.

Last night at 12.40AM, I was cooking noodles and suddenly heard a woman screaming “HELP ME HELP ME” in a distressed tone outside my kitchen – if you’re wondering, I stay on the 9th floor.

As she was screaming, it sounded like she was being slapped. Her screaming and the sound of her being abused went on sporadically for 15 minutes.

I was a bit unsure of what to do. I was wondering whether to call the police. I just waited a few minutes more to see if anything happens but as it went on, it sounded like the abuse got worse because the woman‘s screaming became even more distressful…

It sounded like she was being beaten and dragged across the floor. That’s when it hit me that the abuse is real and I finally called the police.

The police on the hotline said she will send someone to patrol my neighbourhood.

I’m writing this post because last night’s incident was extremely traumatising for me – I was a victim of physical abuse myself. Also feeling guilty I didn’t call the police much earlier. I needed to get these feelings off my chest.

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