Is The COVID Vaccine Really Voluntary?

Dear Editors,

You must have seen recent news about the COVID vaccine being available to those under 45 from June this year. As much as our authorities keep trying to assure all of us that taking the vaccine would be voluntary, we have already seen instances of people being “forced” to take the vaccine.

One user “DarkStarer” griped on Hardwarezone that she felt pressurized by her company to take the jab. She wrote:

“To be honest, even though govt said voluntary, I felt forced to take this jab. Everyone in my company is very highly persuaded to take. Our boss will ask us 1 by 1 who not taking, and ask us why don’t take. This info (I think) will be collated eventually by HR.

At the point of time when I was undecided to take vaccine and said I’m not taking, I felt like a criminal and outcasted. No one forced me to take, but everyday I am being brainwashed to take since everyone taking, and my boss and boss’s boss asking who not taking.”

Other netters also said that they shared similar experiences at their companies where they felt peer pressured into taking the vaccination.

Will the vaccination remain “voluntary” for long? Will the government one day decide that we would need to show our vaccination certs together with our SafeEntry/TraceTogether passes when entering malls? That way it will stay “voluntary” just that you are prevented from doing a lot of things without it?

— WL
A.S.S. Contributor

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