Netizen: We Already Ban Chewing Gum. Why Not Ban PMDs?


I am a Singaporean citizen living here. I would like to bring to attention the problems that arise from allowing modified vehicles on the roads in Singapore. It has come to my attention based on my own observations, recent news & happenings, and the feedback from friends/relatives/neighbors that modified vehicles are causing many problems on the roads in Singapore. 

Let me present a pragmatic proposal in a clear and summarised manner below: 

– The act of modifying vehicles for recreational (Non-commercial) uses should be banned in Singapore
– Existing modified vehicles on the road should be banned in Singapore (Esp cars, motorcycles and lorries) 

Why (Proposed ban) 
– There are no practical benefits to anyone by allowing recreationally modified vehicles on the road 
– To the contrary, modified vehicles pose numerous hazards to pedestrians and drivers themselves. 
– Not to mention, residents living near the roads will inevitably experience a surge in noise & air pollution 

Challenges (Threats posed) 

  • Causes greater noise pollution 
  • Causes more air pollution 
  • More flammable during a crash 
  • Encourages drivers to speed/race and become reckless 
  • Increase the risks of losing control of the vehicle 

Just like how the accessibility of chewing gum in Singapore previously caused widespread vandalism, vehicle modifications pose a similar threat in the form of road rage, an increase in accidents and noise & smoke pollution. Furthermore, the existence of such modified vehicles brings virtually zero benefit to anyone. 

On behalf of Singaporeans and residents living in Singapore, we would like the relevant authorities to make vehicle modifications illegal in Singapore immediately. This way, our society in Singapore can continue to progress and prosper, peacefully and harmoniously. 

Thank you for your attention and understanding. 


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