New Videos Show Ya Kun Ah Lian Is Innocent, Was Provoked First

There was a video circulating showing a lady in black shouting vulgarities at Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Raffles City) on 31 Mar 2020. Turns out, she was actually scolding another customer who ran behind the counter.

New videos show that a woman in green approached the couple holding a bag of sand. She then puts her hand into the bag and allegedly threw sand at Ah Lian. The couple did not have time to wear their masks to react as they were having their lunch.

The woman then tried to run away after the police were called, saying “you don’t have the right to detain me!” Kudos to the Ya Kun staff who heroically tried to keep the woman within the store after that.

In the original video that was circulating, the woman can be seen hiding behind the Ya Kun counter. The lady in black was scolding her. The couple told All Singapore Stuff that they waited till the police arrived and they even apologized to Ya Kun and helped them clean up their store.

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