Help, A Man Harassed My Husband and Wants To Meet Him in the Toilet!

A chio bu wants to protect her husband after seeing what he has been through. Her husband, Bran, was harassed by another man. The man pretended to be interested in renting from them and used it as an excuse to get close to her husband.

He will call him for hours and ask him very sexual questions:

Like “can you go into the toilet with me?”, “what time does the swimming pool toilet open until?”, “are you married?”

This is despite him knowing that Bran has a wife.

She said: “I didn’t bother previously bc there are creeps everywhere but today he called at 645am and disrupted my beauty sleep. We can’t block bc he calls from different numbers”.

They also think that whatever happened is not enough for them to make a police report. Desperate, the wife took to social media to ask for advice. What should her husband do? What will you do if the same thing happens to you?

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