Chio Ah Lian Shout At Ya Kun Aunty Because Siao Lang Throw Sand At Her Face

There is a video circulating on Facebook showing a couple not wearing face masks, having a heated dispute with the staff from Ya Kun Kaya Toast at Raffles City. Netters were quick to call out the lady for being rude to the Ya Kun aunty. You can see the video here.

The couple have since come out to clarify the situation. According to them, there was a siaolang who came up to couple while they were having their coffee and threw a handful of sand at the lady’s face. The Ya Kun staff then called the police and the siaolang was brought to the police station.

Is her treatment of the Ya Kun aunty justified? Not like it was the aunty who throw the sand at her face right? And why would someone throw sand at her face?

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