PSP Member: Infighting Is Natural, But People Are Using It To Ruin Our Reputation

PSP’s Central Executive Committee elected six new members to its central executive committee (CEC) last weekend. A PSP member dishes in on the infighting and shares about some of the notable CEC members who left.


Remember former vice-chairman Michelle Lee? She got so angry with the appointment of CEC members hostile to her rhetoric, she basically formed her own party Red Dot United.

This time, former member & candidate for Nee Soon GRC Kala Manickam was barred entry to PSP’s Tannery Lane building. She had a tiff with Brad Bowyer over mask-wearing and got her membership terminated. Mr Bowyer himself was present in Tannery Lane voting for the new CEC. Murmurs within PSP speculate some future kind of legal trouble resulting from this incident.

Former CEC member Mr Michael Chua didn’t even put his name for re-election. For those not in the know, the PSP branch at Tannery Lane is actually a warehouse that Mr Chua uses to manufacture components relating to Air Purifiers. It is also the origin of various PSP merchandise like hats, shirts and plush animals of their mascot “Otica”. This may come as a source of tension in the future as it is not known whether the PSP has some sort of financial arrangement with Michael Chua or have been using the facility for public good.

I’ll be frank, these events are a bit demoralizing. Shouldn’t we be above this sort of rhetorical and personal infighting? Or is there some greater plot being planned by a specific faction of members with the intention to pull our reputation down to the mud? I have been behind the Doc since day 1, as far as his Ayer Rajah days. But damn it if this is not a slap to the final vestiges of his legacy. 

This argument that the opposition needs better people is ringing louder day by day… but I can’t lose hope yet. If I do, then what of our democracy? It’d be more useless than it is right now. Those who perceive these events as cynical as I do, we should stay tuned. It is the prelude to something bigger.

~ Anonymous PSP member 

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