CPF: Why Can’t We Use Medisave When It’s Our Own Money?

Mr Tan, a 68-year-old retiree, wrote to SDP’s Bryan Lim Boon Heng last week about not being able to use his Medisave for a simple tooth filling procedure. CHAS subsidized $35 but he still had to pay $72 out of pocket.

“For a tooth cavity repair, I am not allowed to use my Medisave because of some nonsensical reasons which the PAP has cooked up. Just venting! This sort of oppression is blatant. It makes a person unable to live with basic unavoidable expenses. And what stupid Merdeka or CHAS benefits? 30% subsidy? The PAP can keep their 30% selective subsidy. I don’t want them. Let me use my own Medisave to pay off this simple procedure. Why make life so convoluted? I can afford the $107 from my own Medisave. Why make me pay cash, pretend to be generous and give me 30%? It is confusing & wasteful”
– Mr Tan

CPF is our money, so why are we not allow to use our Medisave to pay for dental treatment? Dental treatment still a medical treatment, and it is expensive, so why can’t we use our own money when we have it?

Jason Lim
A.S.S. Contributor

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