Man Plays With KKJ In Front Of 3 Girls, He Was Wearing Foodpanda Jacket

On 29 March at around 12:05am, a netter encountered this man on SBS bus 225G who played with his KKJ in front of the netter and her sisters. He was staring right at them whilst doing it, and the man was seen to be wearing a Food Panda jacket.

“Me and my sisters were sitting directly opposite him. We were the first few to enter the bus and he followed after, choosing the seat directly opposite us . He then put his hands in his pants and proceeds himself in front of us (looking directly at us). We felt disgusted by his actions and approached the bus captain.”

Luckily, even though the man alighted at the same bus stop as the netter, he walked in a different direction as the bus captain made sure that the sisters were safe before driving off. Kudos to the bus captain for keeping a lookout, and the Singapore Police Force should investigate this man for indecent behavior to protect innocent women!

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