Netizen: Unhygienic Conditions at Aljunied Crescent Make It Unsafe for Elderly!

Hi admin,

I would like to highlight some problems at Aljunied Crescent.

  1. I saw people loitering and illegal gambling between Blks 99-102 without mask or safe distancing. When confronted by one of the parents in our neighbourhood, they said they’re not afraid of complains and will see the MP if they need to defend themselves.
  2. I heard that the lift often malfunctions even after several rounds of repairs and “upgrading”.
  3. Frequent littering of food and drink items also cause an increase of rodent and roach infestations.
  4. I recently discovered there have been stagnant water accumulation. You can see several plants sticking out of the blks when you pass by there. The residents do not care. I have a friend who was warded in hospital for dengue.

The reason is due to lax inspections of the drainage system and rubbish chutes which accumulate water as well as the vast majority of residents there who rear plants irresponsibly and breed mosquitoes in the process.

I already raised these issues to the authorities before. I hope the ministry will take a serious view of the unhygienic living conditions there with the large elderly population who are susceptible to many illnesses.

Contribution by H

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