Netizen: Thai Hostesses Hold Illegal Parties, Disobey Safe Distancing Rules!

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

How come Thai hostess can celebrate birthday with customers without safe distancing? These hostesses interact with customers from different tables because they will treat them to “lady drinks”.

Date: 24 March 2021
Location: Club Illusion at Clarke Quay

More than 8 pax.
No safe distancing.
All not wearing masks.
Singing and cheering.
Loud music.
Discotheque lightings.
Hostesses interacting with customers across tables.

This is what’s happening at those entertainment outlets that converted to F&B and masquerading as “bistros”.

Bona fide F&B businesses are punished for the slightest breach. Why are such “bistros” getting away with breaches of COVID-19 rules? Let’s not forget that they are also getting taxpayers’ money to support them during this pandemic.

How can they be allowed to do this? The authorities must do something about it!

Contribution by P Leong

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