Ngee Ann Poly Students: We Had to Lick Each Other and Shower with Seniors Watching!

Ever since the viral peeing incident, many people spoke up about their horrible experiences with Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Student Union camps.

One of them recalled going to Sentosa beach and getting stripped:

Apparently few freshies were surrounded by seniors in the beach water deep enough to cover their lower body. The seniors then forced the freshies to strip naked and then took their clothes and ran away leaving them naked in the water without clothes!! Happened both to guys and girls!

Another said that he was forced to shower with someone else while the Group Leaders watched. They also asked students to suck a marble from someone’s belly button and lick it up his body.

Need to lick the person nipple down to the belly then you suck the marble. Besides this, they also put a marble in the ear, ask someone to lick from the neck the way up to the ear before sucking out the marble. Totally sexual games yet was not called out.

There was a game where freshies had to jump into a “pool” of rotten, leftover food. They were told to bring out a piece of smelly food with their mouths.

And they didn’t let us shower or wash up after that so you gotta stay in that filthy clothes till the end of the camp.

Some GLs even kept their phones as they didn’t want them to take photos of the sick games. Freshies who don’t know better will say that they were not forced to do anything but it was more like they were “pressured” into it. Everyone else felt obligated to participate and not many had the guts to walk out of the camp saying that it’s shit.

Those who dared to be different were either insulted by the GLs or told to keep quiet so that the student union can continue to uphold “camp tradition”. If this is their “tradition”, it will not take long before tertiary institutions in Singapore become hotbeds of perverts. What do you think?

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