Nurses May Get To Wear Tudung, Is PAP Finally Going to Take Action?

Shanmugam says that our government is finally considering letting our nurses wear Tudung. Singaporeans have raised this issue for many years already. Apparently, the government discussed this in a closed-door dialogue with religious leaders since August last year.

“I told you very frankly: We can see good reasons why nurses should be allowed to wear tudung if they choose to do so. I said this was being discussed internally. And after that, our view is there is likely to be a change and we are also consulting with the community before we make a change.”
– Shanmugam

It’s about time right? Their response came after some netters voiced concerns about Masagos’ vague reply to WP’s Faisal Manap two weeks ago.

We have been waiting for so long for them to do something. Thanks to Singaporeans for keeping tab on the issue, they are finally going to take real action. Do you think this will happen if we keep quiet and let things be? We don’t know how long they will take but we must persevere until the day we see change!

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