I Waited 2.5hrs to Meet MP Murali and Was Ridiculed By Them!

Mr Salim is a Bukit Batok resident. He wanted to seek help from his MP, Murali Pillai, on getting re-employed. However, he was made to wait for 2.5 hours for the Meet-the-People Session (MPS) and worst still, not get the help that he needs.

On 5 Mar 2021, Mr Salim’s daughter represented him to queue for the MPS as they only allowed one person to enter. After waiting for 45 minutes, an officer there took down their concerns while assuring them that the MP will help them.

We asked the officer what will the action taken with regards to the matter and the officer gave us a glimpse of hope that they may write in to the company with regards to the matter as I failed to get through with union and MOM previously.

After waiting for 2.5 hours, Mr Salim’s daughter finally met Murali, only to be told to go for a career fair at the CC.

Mr Murali did not even mention about the action taken for the matter at all which is what we are waiting to hear… After probing further about how MP Murali will help to get me re-employed, he sternly re-emphasized about the career fair which is obviously not answering our question…

He was very rude in his reply and used a sarcastic tone as I tried to explain that he is not answering my query at all. He kept repeating the career fair over and over again.

I was frustrated as we can to the MPS with the purpose that he will assist to write in to the company (at least). What is the point of making us wait for 2.5 hours and gave us a standard reply which could be done over email…

It is Mr Salim’s first and last time at a MPS.

This has affected us emotionally as we felt like we were fooled to come for the MPS and get ridiculed by them. It is a shame that my daughter had to witness this of PAP… We were surprised to be treated in that manner. We did not expect such treatment from the MP.

With this experience, he [Murali] is definitely not suited to be the MP and represent Bukit Batok.

This is why we cannot have a part-time MP. But what can we say? As long as the elites are in power, our concerns will fall on deaf ears.

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