“Count On Me” Copycat Cannot Give Proof That He Wrote The Song, Says He Sorry For The Confusion

Joey Mendoza, the guy who said that he wrote the song “We Can Achieve” in 1983 finally says sorry after he cannot find proof that he wrote the song. But he’s not sorry for copying, he’s sorry for the confusion and for attacking Hugh Harrison (the guy who wrote the real “Count On Me, Singapore”).

So MCCY needed Singaporeans to make noise before they “pressed Mr Mendoza to substantiate his claims.” After that they still don’t manage to get him to say sorry for his copying. The fact that he even apologized is thanks to Hugh Harrison calling him out in the first place. What kind of half hearted apology is this from Mr Mendoza? How come MCCY just accept this apology when he is not sorry for copying us?

Also, will MCCY take action against the other copycat from India selling our song at 50cents a download? Or will they just say they are flattered that foreigners plagiarised our song and falsely claimed it as their own? 

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