Singaporean to Jamus Lim: CECA is Unfair. We’re Losing Out to Them!

A Singaporean family shared their concerns about CECA to Workers’ Party’s Jamus Lim. He was doing house visits when he met Mr Singh’s family and listened to their woes.

Mr Singh was “especially distraught” about the CECA arrangement in Singapore. He told Jamus that “the deal has been unfair for Singaporean workers, and has led to both a flood of Indian nationals, alongside a loss of local opportunities”.

His views are shared by many Singaporeans. We have seen a lot of CECA foreign talents but have not felt for ourselves the positive impact that they are supposed to bring.

The elites probably thought that the benefits of CECA will outweigh the costs. However, there are bound to be locals who will lose out and some people already feel like it is happening to them.

Sadly, there is no clear solution. Jamus said that he has raised concerns about CECA before but amending the deal is “only half the story”. A lot of it will depend on whether our government can come up with policies that can reduce the negative impact and impression it has on us today.

The government must be transparent and accountable to Singaporeans. We deserve to understand why CECA is necessary and if it has contributed significantly to our country. If it is true, then why aren’t we feeling it? Why do some of us continue to feel like we’re losing out? Is this really a fair deal?

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