MRT Delayed Again. Thick Skin Gov Still Plan to Raise Transport Fees?

There was a train delay during peak hours this morning again. This time, it was at the North-South Line between Ang Mo Kio and Braddell. Commuters were told that there will be additional 10 minutes’ waiting time.

Many people complained that the train was jerky and the delay took three times longer than the duration that SMRT said it would:

It took me 30 minutes travel time from AMK to Bishan and I’m late for work, it would be great if y’all don’t lie about the travel time??

Abysmal train service this morning, and they don’t tell you the truth. Complete radio silence. They showed it through actions of constant abrupt braking instead.”

What’s with the Marina South Line this morning? Just because we have zero community cases does not mean the train service should start milking max profits per train. More passengers but less trains offered?

Where is the public update by SMRT on the major train delay on NSL this morning? Whole AMK MRT platform filled with people and no contingency plans/buses activated… then stuck so long between AMK and bishan!

SMRT belatedly announced that the delay was due to a door fault at Bishan MRT station.

Yeah, it’s some fault but not anybody’s fault again. How many times do Singaporeans have to get stuck in train delays on the way to work? And SMRT has the cheek to raise transport prices when they can’t even do their job properly! Is this what Goh Chok Tong calls the Swiss standard of living?

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