‘Count on Me’ Composer Wants Copycats to Admit Their Lies. No News from MCCY

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Hugh Harrison, the original composer of “Count on Me Singapore”, spoke out about the blatant plagiarism of his song. It was copied almost entirely by Joey Mendoza, who replaced the word “Singapore” with “India” and made it sound like an Indian national song. He still had the cheek to say that he is the original creator.

The original songwriter Harrison got word of it and said that it was an illegal repackaging. He already made a complaint to Joey Mendoza and Pauline Communications, and expects them to retract their lies. If they do not, he has sufficient grounds to sue them for libel.

Kudos to Hugh Harrison for standing up for our national song! This is the kind of response Singaporeans want to see, not like MCCY, who claimed that it will investigate but ended up saying that it is “happy” the song “struck a chord with people in India”. It even said: “It may be a copy of our song, but sometimes, imitation is the best form of flattery!”

Seriously? As a Ministry, shouldn’t it defend our national song instead of brushing the issue away? How can they be “happy” that foreigners plagiarised our song and falsely claimed it as their own? Whose side are they on? They said that they will investigate but do they intend to do it or is it all talk only?

If this problem is resolved, it is thanks to Hugh Harrison and not our own ministries. They did not speak up for us when we wanted them to. And they wonder why we are constantly disappointed with the authorities…

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