Tampines Town Council Performed Worst in 2019, Was Under Heng Swee Keat

Tampines Town Council, which used to be under Heng Swee Keat, performed the worst out of all Town Councils. This is based on a management report by the Ministry of National Development, which scores Town Councils based on different categories of estate management. Most of them scored green in all categories except for Tampines Town Council, which scored amber on two occasions.

from MND’s FY2019 report

It did not do a good job in estate maintenance and corporate governance. This means that it required more than 4 times of maintenance checks per block and made a mistake in handling its funds. The Town Council had under-transferred some money and said that it was a computational error.

This management report was for FY2019, which was when Heng Swee Keat was still serving in Tampines GRC. Is this how our DPM/future PM manages his own Town Council? How did he take care of it such that it became the worst-performing Town Council in the whole of Singapore? He had served in Tampines for two terms and considered it his “stronghold”. But when they needed help, he left them in a lurch by jumping ship to East Coast for GE2020.

What kind of attitude is this? It is his basic duty to be responsible and accountable to his residents. Now that he is in East Coast GRC, does it mean that he doesn’t need to be answerable? What do you think?

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