Netizen Slams Chiobu For Not Being Woke Enough

A netizen responds to TODAY article “Gen Y Speaks: This is why I don’t want to be woke. Don’t cancel me for it”


Cool story but I will need back my pitchfork after reading your article, not for harm but for its intended purposes, picking up LOOSE material. 

Woke: aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)

So now being “hella educated and concerned about facts and issues relating to race and society” is foolish? A total oxymoron! What next? Being “hella foolish” is peak intelligence? Being different is actually the same? WOKE JOKES! Ha ha but, “A joke is an extremely serious issue.” (Winston Churchill)

OP agrees to cancelling slurs yet is opposed to ‘cancel culture’, curious… 

Next, she states being more inclusive should not include condemning the intolerant. Very nice, so I guess the next time a man calls another female a ‘slut’ we should not criticize them then. Let’s tolerate the intolerant! That is how you get true tolerance, screams OP’s article. 

Following this, OP posted a screenshot of J.K. Rowling’s infamous tweet which is still “so wrong”. I’ll explain it for you, the article that was in question that initiated her tweet was actually being exclusive, and for good reason. The article found below was talking about the material needs of menstruation in different parts of the world which have differing income levels, their accessibility to it and probable solutions. It even mentions the very same word that J.K. Rowling had fictitiously forgotten in her tweet several times! 

Getting to know the context and what the article had read instead of skimming the headline is really important, isn’t it? All gendered terms were used and laid out for specific purposes. Saying ‘women’ in the headlines would not make complete sense as it may not be relevant to those with menopause, the elderly or those with specific medical conditions. Did she want the headline to rather read “Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for girls, women, and all people who menstruate.” ??? 

The fact that she did not understand the article was one thing, but to politicise and to layer transphobia behind her own version of feminism was another.  

“A year later, she still seems to be lying low — I haven’t seen her name in a while.” OP worries. It’s fineeeee, she’s still a billionaire living in Edinburgh who recently published a children’s book. The real worry is OP’s ability to post up opinions and selective stances seemingly without any research at all. 

But the biggest worry to me is the unfortunate reality of the life that the transgendered community will have to live.

Her ignorance and influence has time and time again affected minds with her chosen language. Language that you, Dana Teoh Jia Yi, feel so passionate about in your article introduction. Transgenders already suffer from higher rates of depression, suicide, bullying, self-harm, stigmatization and hate crimes (see the research by Stonewall I have attached below). I plead with you not to further this ignorance as you yourself have claimed to be on subject matters like this. Ignorance is bliss, but should not be celebrated. I will not ‘cancel’ you, nor is doing such a thing as easy as you make it sound. in fact, I actually agree with you that freedom of speech is important for everyone to have, albeit the only similarity we share. This is why I would like to pre-accept any debate invitations you may have to challenge me back on my points I have raised to you in a civil and productive manner. Just reach out to the publication site and we can set it up virtually. 

Agent Boomer.

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