India Minister Reportedly Wants to Expand Air Bubble with Singapore. Can Dis B Allow?

An Indian publication reportedly said that their government wants to expand the air bubble with Singapore, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This was announced by India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in his address to the Houses of Parliament.

He thinks that the air bubble has not been “working so well” so it needs to be expanded. He wants to allow commercial airlines from other countries, including Singapore, to travel to and from India (but with a limit). This is different from the current arrangement which only allows Air India to do so.

Will the elites in Singapore agree to this? They better not! Most of our daily Covid-19 cases are now imported. We cannot afford to allow so many people to enter our country and risk another wave of infection! It has not been easy to achieve Phase 3. If either country fails to handle the Covid-19 situation properly, the ones who will suffer most are the citizens. We should not even consider taking the risk!

First, they take our jobs. Then, they steal our national song. Now, they want to expand the air bubble with us. How can this b allow?!

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