PAP Bows Down to Netizens, Will Not Use Sinovac Until It’s Tested Properly

PAP has bowed down to netizens and are not using Sinovac for now. Many people have been sceptical about the vaccine ever since Singapore announced that we have purchased it. Netizens were worried if it is safe because it is made in China, or if we were pressured to buy it.

Good thing we voiced our reservations about it because Lee Hsien Loong finally admitted that they will not use it until further testing! He said in an interview with BBC that they are going to put Sinovac through levels of testing to ensure that it is safe and effective. If it does not pass the stringent tests, it will not be used. The whole process will take time and must be authorised by the Health Sciences Authority.

See, luckily we questioned them right from the beginning so now they have no choice but to jolly well make sure it goes through rigorous testing. Singaporeans have to be alert and constantly keep PAP in check otherwise they will ownself check ownself!

Anyway, now that Sinovac is under testing, those who are planning to get their vaccines soon will be happy to know that they will confirm plus guarantee chop not get it. Currently, the supplies we have are from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

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