Malaysian IBs Flood The Internet After Their Embassy In Yangon Accused Of Being Ineffective

Over the weekend, it was reported that Malaysians stuck in Myanmar would rather go to the Singapore embassy for help in case things got worse, as the daily protests and reports of military violence persist. They accused the Malaysian embassy of not keeping its people informed of their action plan for emergency evacuation.

“I have a few good friends who are locals and also Malaysians who work in the embassy here, and they are the ones who share with me the updates on what is going on. There’s never an official statement from our embassy… I would rather go to the Singapore embassy, which was more than willing to help.”
– Surya

“More importantly they should give us the procedures and action plan for emergency evacuation… It’s been more than a month since the military coup and the embassy has been rather quiet, with no announcements of any action or contingency plans should there be a widespread life-threatening situation,”
– Mawi

“The embassy should give us a sense of security and assurance as well. It should also work with relevant authorities to arrange our return flights back home. They aren’t doing these… This is why I would not go to the Malaysian embassy for help in case things get worse,”
– Chan

In response, Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein vouched that the Malaysian embassy in Yangon is doing a good job. In his Tweet, he also included screenshots of Malaysian IBs praising the embassy. All the comments in the screenshots have the same format: I am a Malaysian working/living/staying in Yangon” + mention that the embassy staff has been helpful + talk about how the news is fake news.

Similar IB comments can be found on the tweet by The Malaysian Insight. Looks like our IBs are quite similar, no wonder they like to say that we’re good neighbors. What will happen to the 3 Malaysians if they contact the embassy? Will they be silenced?

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