Angry Netizen Complains to NAC About “Count On Me India”: MCCY To Investigate

A patriotic Singapore song composed in 1986 by Hugh Harrison and sang by Clement Chow titled “Count On Me Singapore”, has been turned into “Count On Me India”. The latter is a blatant plagiarism of Singapore’s all time classic, with an identical melody and lyrics (only changing every time “Singapore” is mentioned to “India”).

Count on me India
Count on me to give my best and more
You and me, will do our part
Stand together, heart to heart
We’re going to show the world what India can be
We can achieve, we can achieve

Lyrics from India’s version of the song, “We Can Achieve”

The song is released by Pauline Communications who describe themselves as an “activity of Daughters of St. Paul,” a Roman Catholic congregation. They uploaded the song 9 years ago as part of an album named We Stand United: Songs to Celebrate Love & Unity. Once the video got around, Singaporeans were quick to stand up for our country.

One netter even took it upon themselves to write in to our National Arts Council (NAC), to which NAC responded that “MCCY is investigating the matter.

This adds to the list of things India is counting on Singapore for; jobs, salary, and now songs. CECA has already taken so many of our jobs, some of these jobs were even taken by those with fake degrees when our local graduates are having a hard time finding jobs. We have already let them take away so many things from us, how many more things are we going to let them steal?

Will MCCY really look into the matter? Will the authorities take this seriously or sweep it under the carpet?

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