YP Has More Than 5 Girlfriends, Makes Use of Them to Pay Off His Gambling Debts

Earlier today, a netter took to Facebook to complain about a young punk who goes by the nickname “Vamp”. He has been making use of many girlfriends at once to acquire money to pay off his gambling debts. He also took videos of the girls naked, physically abused his ex-girlfriends, and forced some of them to go for an abortion.

He cheated, gambled, steal money, borrow money and dun return and even force his ex gf to go through abortion (not just once, and different girls). Our mutual friend was a victim when he physically abused her, and while she was in hospital, she stole her phone and deleted all her social media to prevent her from uploading any negative things about him.

His ex-girlfriends got together online to expose him and to warn everyone of his doings. They even provided screenshots of messages in which they tried to confront Vamp.

The Facebook post:

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