Netizen: My Complaints Were Ignored By West Coast GRC, Luckily Leong Mun Wai Help Me

We previously published a letter by our reader who shared about her bad experience at Jurong Polyclinic which caused her 89 year old mother a lot of pain. She has written in to follow-up on her story.


Dear Editors,

I previously feedback on the severely lacking medical facilities in the Western region encompassing Jurong and West Coast GRCs and had received a call from the Polyclinic.

It was frankly, a lacklustre follow-up action that only served to reiterate existing protocols and repeat template responses. They have no solutions nor answers to persisting bed crunches at major public hospitals, long waiting times for consultations at MOH institutions/dental centres and presently overwhelmed medical staffs to an artificially increased population. Perhaps, this is the best a civil service which is shaped by a ‘strong’ political leadership can offer as touted by Mr Chan Chun Sing?

But what struck me most in this episode is Mr Leong Mun Wai’s dedication for the residents who had rejected his team at the last election. He has reached out to express concern at my feedback and is working relentlessly to better the lives of West Coast and Singaporeans at large.

All this, done at his own expense while juggling a full time job with a meagre allowance from Parliament. His team also has to deal with brickbats from social media outlets like “Redwire Times” and “Hard Truths of SG” posing as ‘Opposition voices’, in addition to smears from former disgruntled members, including one who was EA for an Eastern area candidate in 2015.

My mother’s condition has since taken a turn for the worse and she is now on her deathbed in the hospital. I’m currently only focused on her final care and balancing work life. Only worry is the huge bill and expenses that will incur when the inevitable happens, where the institutions will start hounding the next of kin for payments. This is the ‘Swiss’ standard all Singaporeans inherited from Goh Chok Tong’s legacy.

Silver lining for West Coast is in the 2 voices we still have working tirelessly for our interests in Parliament unlike some constituencies like Macpherson, where a high mandate for the incumbent only produced arrogant grassroots leaders!

Best Regards,
Ms Lim

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