3 Bold Ideas Brought Up in Parliament, All of Them By Jamus Lim

Some haters have been gloating that Jamus Lim is too quiet ever since he won Sengkang GRC. But over the past few weeks, he and the Workers’ Party have proposed many new, open and liberal ideas, contrary to the rigid PAP. These ideas will take Singapore forward and give us the rights to freedom that we deserve. Will PAP put aside their ego and admit that WP’s ideas are better? Here are the top 3 ideas brought up by Jamus.

① For Singapore to be an open society, he said that we can start by reintegrating ex-convicts. Many ex-offenders have turned over a new leaf and paid the price for their actions. They deserve equal access to jobs and should not be denied chances to work in any industry, be it as security guards or pre-school teachers. It is their right to be treated fairly and given equal opportunities, everybody deserves a second chance.

To do this, the government must let them exclude their criminal records when applying for jobs. This is so that employers will hire them based on merit and not their history. Only then can we say that we are a fair country that does not discriminate against anybody.

② Jamus also suggested for popular Primary schools to get less funding. They may need the money as they have more students, but parents who send their children there can already afford everything. Furthermore, these schools have alumni that can collect donations to fund facilities. They are self-sufficient and will never drop in popularity. So why not channel their funds to smaller schools instead?

Popular schools should not be entitled to so much funds while smaller schools should get more. It is the same logic as taking from the rich and giving to the poor. This is how we can make all schools equal. Anyway, parents do not have to worry if the reduced funding will affect their children’s performance as Jamus already explained that students mostly do well with the help of private tuition and not so much of school teachers.

③ He pushed for PAP MPs to reveal how much financial reserves we have. Why are they so secretive when it is also our money? Singaporeans have a stake in it and deserve to know how much there is. Revealing our reserves will not tell our enemies how much ammunition we have. Also, it is not like our reserves are so weak that other countries will want to attack us. In fact, knowing how much we have might even scare them.

So why is the government denying us the right to know what they are doing with our money? What are they trying to hide? For years, we have been asking the same question without getting answers. It is time the government come clean!

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