TOC’s Terry Xu had Items Confiscated Again. What A Desperate Attempt to Silence us!

Dear Editorial Team,

The latest forceful confiscation of TOC Terry Xu’s electronic devices, coupled with his requirement to report to Cantonment at 10am today should come as no surprise to political commentators and viewers as the PAP government seeks to solidify its grip on power amidst a weary electorate. There are in addition, two theories to these latest spate of judicial harassments.

Such tactics are either utilised to deflect losing momentum and ground issues raised by social media which the incumbent does not have a solution to or it could due to saboteurs on the ground masquerading as Opposition supporters.

I myself have experienced such a sabotage. A “false” police report (A/20191231/7027) was lodged against me by a so-called Opposition commentator when I refused to promote his line of products which are not certified by HSA to be safe for consumption here. This same person had also tried to sabotage Mr Lim Tean by writing a poison pen to his CEC of People’s Voice in March 2019, claiming Mr Lim owes him some $2000 for organising a “PV walkabout”. He claims to have “set the stage” by arranging people to greet Mr Lim when he came around, thus incurring payments in the process.

I’m glad to say police did not commence any action against me for that report as the allegations contained therein were so ridiculous, it will not even pass the first trench of scrutiny in a Court of Law.

Such tactics have however, become common and a desperate attempt to disparage any would be dissenters of PAP rule for our Country. This should all the more, not deter you from stepping up and serving our Nation alternately as an end in sight to oppression is near.

At the end of the day, our action cries louder than words and people can witness for themselves, how our participation touches and make changes to their lives. You just have to look no further than Dr Chee and how the SDP has risen from the ashes to become one of the most serious political contenders in the North West region.

Dan De Costa

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