Woman Angry at Sec School Boys for Hogging Priority Seats

Hi admin,

I have been taking bus service 31 for almost a year as my kid is in preschool far from my home. Most of the time the priority seat is taken and you need to ask for a seat. The priority seat is always taken by Chung Cheng students in the afternoon.

Today I carried my kid with his school bag and the two Chung Cheng students just keep talking on the bus and turn a blind eye. I walk to the back as there is a seat. After a few stops, the bus is full of old people standing. The two students still turn a blind eye.

I can’t tolerate such young generation (age 13-25) and school which fail to educate them on giving up the seat to those in need anymore. I tell them this is a priority seat and shame on you and your school. Can’t you see a lot of old people is standing on the bus?!

To young couples who are planning to have kids and the elderly please note that 50% of the time no one will give up the seat to you on public transport. You need to ask for it even it is a priority seat. The government and schools need to educate more on priority seats as the young generation mostly turns a blind eye. Most of the time is the older generation giving up the seat to those in need. This is unfair.

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