Angmoh dares FTs to go on strike, thinks we’ll die without them

An AMDL dared all foreign workers in Singapore to go on strike to see if our country can function without them. She was angry at some people for having anti-foreigner sentiments and commented on FB for all FT to stop work for a week.

“I vote all foreign workers to stop work for a week, no local economy expenditure or support and see how this economy fares. Lee Kuan Yew will be rolling in his grave for what is being done to destroy what he achieved for Singapore.”

Who does she think she is?! She is an example of arrogant FTs who bite the hand that feeds them. If she is so unhappy, she can always go back to her own country. We do not need this kind of “talent” who only cares about money and don’t have a heart for our society. What do you think?

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