Can We Call Ourselves Fair When We Don’t Recognize LGBT Couples?

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On 1 Mar in parliament, Pritam Singh asks Shanmugam, “Is there a danger in Singapore that laws and policies could be tilted towards particular religious beliefs?” In response, Min Shan tried to assure that religion and sexual orientation do not influence policies.

“Regardless of which community, what your social, religious or sexual beliefs are, everyone will be protected here, and I have said so categorically. LGBTQ persons, non-LGBTQ persons, we are all equal. We are not any lesser by reason of our sexual preferences.”

But if that is so, why do we still have 377A which criminalizes homosexual sex between men, even if consensual? How come same sex couples are not allowed to purchase a HDB flat until they are 35 years old under the Joint Singles Scheme? Why are LGBT couples not legally recognized?

This article is not trying to say whether the policies are correct or wrong, but that these ministers should have learnt by now not to make blanket statements. Did they forget how Vivian Balakrishnan carelessly claimed that TraceTogether will only be used for contact tracing? And how he had to come out to say that he “deeply regrets” his statement? Come on, Singaporeans aren’t paying you your million dollar salaries to make mistakes like these.

A concerned citizen,

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