Nobody called the ambulance although someone fainted. Are we becoming too selfish?

Yesterday, the story of a woman who helped an unconscious Grabfood rider went viral. She was the only one who helped him even though there were many onlookers. Nobody bothered to check if he was ok or call the ambulance. They even told her not to be a busybody.

Less than a month ago, someone collapsed at White Sands and no one called the ambulance. A man who passed by the scene some time later saw what happened and took initiative to get help. He was angry that people just stood there to watch.

“It was very disheartening. My concern is that why is no one willing to call the ambulance? The ambulance arrived very quickly after I called, but I am just disappointed in the lack of concern from other passerbys. One of them even told me rudely that I shouldn’t be kaypoh!”

It is worrying that people nowadays are more concerned about taking videos about an accident than helping the person. Why are they afraid to call the ambulance? Are they scared that it might be a Covid-19 case or do they not care because it does not concern them? Are we becoming an unsympathetic society?

Most Singaporeans are kind and gracious; we should not let these selfish people bring us down. When someone needs help, it is only right to step up and call an ambulance. We’ll never know… if a similar incident happens to our parents or grandparents (touch wood), how will we feel?

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