Netizen: MOM must do more to prevent workplace accidents!

Dear admin,

I am a Singaporean who’s worried about the increasing number of workplace accidents this year. We’re in February and there are already at least 7 workplace fatalities.

Accidents are happening in not just one, but many industries e.g. construction, transport. People have lost their lives because of reasons like getting stuck in between objects and operating machines they were not trained in. One poor soul lost his life after falling through a hole. All this can be prevented and should not have happened.

It is mostly on the employers to ensure that workplaces are safe, but I think MOM must also be responsible for not enforcing safety standards. If they are doing everything correctly, there will not be so many accidents.

It’s time they wake up and enforce stricter rules in workplaces. They should conduct more checks in places with higher risk and communicate with employers to ensure that everybody obey safety standards. It is not easy but it is their job… and so far they showed that they never do it thoroughly.

I find it a pity that so many workers lost their lives when most of it can be prevented. I hope MOM can really wake up and work together with employers to stop more tragedy from happening!

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