Covid19: Parental Consent Only Required For Second Dose Of The Vaccine?

This week, a parent took to ST forum to express her confusion with the requirements for parental consent on the administration of the Covid19 vaccine. Sri Dhevi shared that her son, who is currently serving his NS with SPF, was administered his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 27 Jan 2021. It was only prior to the second dose of the vaccine did Sri Dhevi receive a phone call from a nurse. She wrote in an ST Forum letter –

“The nurse on the line told me that she needed my consent before administering the dose, as my son is under the age of 21, and asked if I was aware of the vaccine’s risks.

When I asked why no consent was sought for the first dose, she had no immediate answer. She checked with a few other nurses, and then told me that no consent was needed for the first dose.

Why was consent sought for the second dose only? Also, why was the process done over the phone? The nurse would not have been able to verify that I am the mother.”

ST forum letter published 23 Feb 2021 by Ravi Sri Dhevi

Hopefully MOH will come out to clarify this matter. They have been inconsistent and disorganized in handling the virus so far. First say no need mask then after that say mask is compulsory. First say no need parental consent now say need consent. Always like to flip prata.

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