Kirsten Han Asks Singaporeans To Lobby Our MPs Against Myanmar’s Undemocratic Regime

Multiple Singaporean brands (Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Tiger Beer etc.) have been listed among boycott targets by people in Myanmar, for “supporting the dictatorship.” This is after our foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan spoke out in parliament regarding Myanmar’s military coup that Singapore is the largest foreign investor in Myanmar, and “the stakeholders in Myanmar must find a long term, peaceful political solution, including a return to its path of democratic transition.”

This is typical of Singapore, trying to take a “unbiased” stance on international issue, only this time it appeared as support for the authoritative, non-democratic regime in Myanmar. Journalist Kirsten Han has caught onto that, and asked that “Singaporeans can show solidarity by raising this issue in Singapore too, and by lobbying our elected officials on this.”

She has a priorities straight, as much as we value our businesses, we should never do it in the face of oppression. We need someone like her who will fight for the people all over the world. Shame on PAP for being money minded at the expense of people’s lives, although it is not surprising that they are out of touch with people’s sufferings as they live on their million dollar salaries. They will never speak up for the underprivileged.

Some background info for those who have yet to read about it –

Myanmar has been all over the news following their general election earlier this February where Ms Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party won by a landslide. Her victory was responded with a coup by Myanmar’s military, who demanded for a rerun of the vote, claiming a fraudulent election. They have also placed Ms Suu Kyi under house arrest and detained many other NLD officials. Ms Suu Kyi’s power has also been handed to commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing who has been credited as the leader of the coup. Gen Hlaing justified his takeover by saying that the military was on the side of the people, and that they will help form a “true and disciplined democracy.”

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