Sanitary Pads In MacPherson: GF or PAP’s Fault?

Dear Editor,

The estate cleanliness of PAP-run town councils are seriously appalling as I discovered from just a stroll round the town of MacPherson!

Blackouts, leftover rubbish, discarded bulky items and high rise littering of tampons with blood in them are a frequent sight here.

What is worse than this, is the apparent lack of leadership, a strong resolute and education to tackle these persistent issues arising from residents.

This merely demonstrates that high political scores does not prove anything when the lives of its inhabitants continue to remain in a slumping state and failure to address the underlying problems beyond throwing bi-annual goodies through taxpaying institutions such as the PAP’s People’s Association.

Until we have a depoliticised town council, civil service and mature democracy, we will continue to live in a first world developed state but with third world mentality.

<Reader’s contribution: Daniel Daniels>

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