NEA Officer Issues Smoking Fine Without Evidence

Had to find someone to vent this, from a friend experience with NEA today on the 02/02/21 6:26pm.

Friend was ‘ accused ‘ by the NEA officer to be smoking when they were sitting across the road underneath the block.

Friend was sitting by the road side, was approached and issue a summon for smoking in prohibited location.

He had a few witness claiming that he is not smoking and thus he requested for any evidence the NEA might held ( knowing they have camera on them ) they told my friend there was no evidence of them being caught.

Police were called and too asked the same question of the evidence of the act, they claim there isn’t any, all based on a few simple words ‘I saw you from across the road’ he was eventually issued with a summon.

How was this possible without any evidence and witnesses around? Does the NEA officers hold authority over us common folks?

<Reader’s contribution: Zan>

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