Resident Feedback On Improving Jurong Medical Facilities Falls on Deaf Ears 7 Months After GE

Dear Editor,

Please see attached, the appointment date and time for my elderly ailing mother.

As you can see, we arrived 10 mins before schedule but instead, had a waiting time of more than 2 hours. All this while, my 89 year old mother was crying out in pain from her diabetic wounds which required dressing after discharge from Ng Teng Fong a few days ago due to bed crunch. There were some who arrived way after our appointment timings but were attended to first.

I then approached a nurse at the first level counter for assistance to which she said there is no such a thing as “appointment time”, only estimated service time with an extremely apathetic attitude.

Hailing from West Coast GRC, I had previously feedback of the need to not only build more medical facilities but to also invest in our people to mend these institutions. 7 months after the elections, it appears to have fallen on deaf ears and business as usual with no improvements to the lives of residents from West Coast and Jurong residents.

With this, I hope MOH is still serious enough to look into today’s incident and you have 4 half years to do the right thing.

Yours faithfully,
May Lim

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