Foodpanda Does Not Admit Glitch Preventing Riders From Accepting Orders

There is a quest Foodpanda has sent out for some riders to hit the target. The target will be 60 orders + 90% acceptance rate and 0 no show.

My acceptance rate was 97% from 8.15am – 12.45pm first shift.

Afterwards, second shift starts at 1530 – 2030, 1 hour no order at all so I ride all the way from Causeway Point to Kampong Admiralty to check see there is order or not.

By the time I reach there their system put me on break without any reason.

This one never mind but after the system re-open my shift, again there is no order so I ride from Admiralty to Woodlands 11 Panda Mart to check for orders.

When I reach there my status was still under working but when I refresh in front of a lot of riders, my status suddenly became break again and this time is break till end shift and acceptance rate drop from 97% to 93% which force me to throw out all my remaining shift in case the system put me on break again.

But when I contacted the dispatcher they told me that there are 4 orders that I did not accept but the time is like 1hour 30mins then first break for 15 mins then break till end shift.

And it doesn’t make sense that in that short period there are 4 orders. If have I would have seen it on my screen also as I am no riding.

Not only I kena this, all other Panda rider also kena before.

I believe this is a technical glitch that Foodpanda management do not want to admit.

If they deduct my acceptance rate below 90% that’s it the quest incentive gone. Just because I did over 60 orders.

<Reader’s contribution: Panda rider>

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