The Silence From Minister of Education Lawrence Wong on MOE’s Transgender Discrimination is Deafening

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Lawrence Wong should take ownership of MOE policies instead of taking the cowards way out of not addressing it.

Agree or disagree with the recent events that engulfed Ministry of Education, namely the issue with transgender students and the deployment of DMA software to student devices, I am truly disappointed with how Lawrence Wong as MinE has not come out to address any of this.

Lawrence Wong seems to have taken the cowards way out by not addressing and defending his ministry’s position on these policy – one of his primary role.

In comparison, even though I may not always agree with Shanmugam, I do have a deep respect for him as he is always front and center to address and defend unpopular/difficult decisions his ministries have made. Examples include the blackface controversy and in recent time the CPC and even the ISA detention of a 16year old.

If Lawrence Wong believes in the policies implemented by MOE, he should (to say very crudely) have the balls to defend them, and not hide and wait for things to blowover.

At this point they might as well make him minister for covid task force, since he isn’t too bothered by what MOE is up to.

ASS Reader Lau

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