M Ravi Should Defend 16 Y.O ISA Detainee For His Court Hearing

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Dear Editor,

As the silence continues concerning the fate of the teenage ISD detainee after vague statements made on Wed and Thurs by K. Shanmugam, the public at large remains not only clueless but astonished at how people can just be detained like that without any accountability?

This is the first real test for our WP and PSP MPs and their inaction are baffling to the electorate! This undue incident also demonstrated our religious leaders puppetry to the government’s tune and how comfortable they are with their pay cheques and position.

Despite contradicting himself and failing to show proof of how an average secondary school student displayed super knowledge of securing ammunition in a gun-free Singapore among other sketchy details, Shanmugam said the case is so weak that it could not stand the test of our judicial officers.

Instead, a staged hearing with no avenues for appeal will be held inside ISD before an appointed civil servant who is subservient to MHA. If the lawyer representing the teenager is Alfred Dodwell, Peter Low or even M. Ravi, it could perhaps be argued there is some legitimacy to this case.

Even if we were to take Shanmugam’s arguments at its highest face value, it is virtually impossible to brush away the fact that our Courts have a chambers system, designed specifically for sensitive cases to be argued away from public and the state media’s glare. Except that the judge in this instance cannot be Aedit Abdullah for purposes of sensitivity and potential conflict of interest.

This should rightly concern anyone of you on the street even if you’re not a parent. If the Singapore government can make a narrative out of a presumably innocent teenager who is supposed to be protected under UN convention, the PAP will stoop to any length to preserve its power. This is something the civil activists who demonstrated in front of MOE fail to understand.

Under the absence of at least a chambers hearing, we cannot conclude this latest incident occurred as the government conveyed to us as we are not privy to the facts and such political antics will only serve to tear the fabric of our Nation instead of uniting us as a United people is not beneficial to the PAP’s divide and rule tactics.

ASS Loyal Reader

Jude Tan

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