Activists Question if It Is Necessary to Imprison a Minor Without Trial

After a 16 year-old teen was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for planning to attack two mosques in Singapore, activists are questioning if the use of ISA on a minor was an abuse of power.

Ng Yi-Sheng, who also participated in the MOE transphobia protest on Tuesday, wrote that we should “acknowledge the dangers of ISD’s powers of unlimited dentention without trial, which is still being exercised mostly on Muslims”:

Former ISA detainee Teo Soh Lung also found it “incredible that Singapore had used the ISA against a 16 year old child and deemed it proper to level wild allegations against him”. She asked why the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Community Development was unable to deal with the child instead:

Fellow activist Jolovan Wham, who was recently charged for holding up a smiley face sign in public, similarly questioned if detaining a minor without trial was the only method to deal with the teenager:

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